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Based in Leatherhead and serving Surrey and London, Screentest Productions provide corporate video and creative film work for local companies, TV, online and theatrical productions. Call us on 01372 372429


We can produce your corporate or training video helping you with copy, shooting, production, direction, titles, editing, music and providing professional actors and presenters for a great end result.

Theatre Productions

ScreenTest are experienced theatre producers and have put on many productions over the years. If you are interested in putting on a production then we are pleased to provide our services:


Screentest Productions provide radio plays and recording for your business or creative work. If you are looking to record events, conferences, weddings or works for advertising then we are here to help. As with our other work, we can provide all the technical facilities you need along with acting/voiceover talent, scripting, editing and production.


ScreenTest's Radio Play was a finalist at the
2013 BBC Audio Drama OnLine Awards
(Judges: Viv Gardner, Sofie Mason, Stephen Wright)

An amusing, dramatic and occasionally unsettling 15 minute, 3-character radio play in English (with some words of Hindi). Set in a rowing-boat on the river Ganges at night to a sound-scape of noisy Ghats on the banks of Varanasi in India, two tourists, a husband and wife, he English and she American, pay their respects to Mother Ganga; placing thias in the water, whilst being rowed by a young Hindu, Kali. Their conversation, prickly in parts, reveals their distress about their son Liam, whose last wish was for them to visit Varanasi, and their own attitudes to the Holy City. Dominic and Mandy try to come to terms with the spiritual values of life and death among the Ghats, and the reality of the river water being drunk as refreshment, used for washing and bathing, and as a depository for the dead. Kali sings a rap, frighteningly rocks the boat and loses the oars overboard. He dives in and swims away – leaving Dominic and Mandy alone, drifting downstream together in the dark, in fearful anticipation.
Running time 15 minutes, 54 seconds.

Dominic:    Graham Pountney
Mandy:       Kate Harper
Kali:            Saurabh Jadhav
Director:     Graham Pountney

This audio production © ScreenTest Productions 2012.
This work is registered with the UK Copyright Service: Registration number 28466078.
Recorded at “The Wootton Studio” on The Isle of Wight.
Recording engineer: Calder Jon.